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Throughout diverse music industry work environments, Black women across the occupational and leadership spectrums may have to navigate structural biases, inequities, and inequalities within organizational cultures. The outcomes of such experiences can adversely impact Black women's overall well-being and occupational health, as well as influence the quality, pace, and progression of their career journeys, in this industry, more generally.

With the aim to improve conditions, Black Women In Music Global (BWMG) was set up in 2018 and soft-launched out of the top-performing global music markets, in North America and Europe, as an extension of its founder's cross-cultural psychological studies in this subject area. In establishing BWMG, it became the first research firm in the world dedicated to the in-depth psychological examination and improvement of Black women's, often discounted, workplace and career experiences throughout music and entertainment corporate ecosystems.

​Today, BWMG (a subsidiary of The BIIRGS) is committed to providing industry data and human insights to design more inclusive and psychologically safer work environments for Black women and all employee groups to have fairer opportunities to succeed, with the removal of systemic and interpersonal barriers both deterring DEI efforts and deferring collaborative innovation.


Black Music Herstory®️, the multimedia brand and global initiative powered by BWMG, has been created to preserve, curate, and celebrate the rich legacy and achievements of professional Black women in the music industry, past, present, and future, across the African Diaspora. Through this platform, digital projects, branded industry events, strategic partnerships, and inclusion programming (i.e. panels, workshops, and conferences) will be developed and steered by our dedicated team at BMH. To learn more, please either visit or email

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